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Stewart & Stevenson is a single source provider for oil and gas clients producing all over the globe, from the ocean floor, hard shale formations, and rich reserves in the world’s coldest and hottest regions. Using our customized engineering and advanced technology, we design, manufacture and remanufacture durable, rugged equipment with unparalleled 24/7/365 support. We are experts in creating system solutions that fulfill the unique requirements of the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

Frac Equipment Provider

Fully Integrated Stimulation Systems That Deliver

Simplified Operation and Improved
Job Quality

Fracturing equipment is Stewart & Stevenson’s largest product line, since we first began designing and manufacturing fracturing equipment in 1953. Our fully integrated stimulation portfolio includes:

Well Stimulation
– Fracturing pumps (diesel, electric)
– Blenders
– Chemical Additive Systems
– Hydration Units
– Acidizing Units
– Data Acquisition & Control Centers

Well Intervention
– Coiled Tubing
– Nitrogen and Industrial Gas Units
– Fluid Pumping Equipment

Custom Cementing Systems
Support Equipment

We have nearly 70 years of fracturing equipment experience with in-house engineering, software development, quality control, and field service. We tailor equipment to meet your operating regions’ specific environment, using advanced AccuFrac® control systems to serve as a single control platform for fracturing fleets. Our data vans house controls, data acquisition software, and communication technology to facilitate complete control of field operations.

We are known for strict quality control in all phases of equipment design and construction. We work diligently to ensure consistent quality that minimizes maintenance requirements. Our fully integrated stimulation systems deliver simplified operation and improved job quality, requiring fewer trained operators to perform the job.

Your ONE Stop

Frac Shop

Custom Designed
Cementing Systems

That Meet Rigorous
Operational Demands

Stewart & Stevenson is a leading manufacturer of cementing units. We custom design our units to accommodate specific applications for our oil and gas clients across the globe. Our advanced equipment designs can be truck, trailer, or skid mounted and feature:

  • Automatic or Manual Density Controls
  • Recirculating or Jet Mixing Systems
  • Single or Dual Pump Configurations
  • High Temperature and Cold Weather Packages
  • Offshore Packages

Well Intervention &
Coiled Tubing

Reliability to the Core, Tailored
to Your Needs

Stewart & Stevenson has manufactured well intervention equipment since 1989, and we were also an early leader in manufacturing coiled tubing units (CTU). With continued technological advancements, today’s CTUs feature the highest pull-to-weight injector heads, steel tubing reels, and control cabins where operators can easily and efficiently direct all well site operations.

Well Intervention
Well intervention systems can be tailored to your specific needs and geographic locale and are completed with nitrogen units and high-pressure fluid pumping units. Applications include workover, cleanouts, jetting/lifting, acid spotting, fishing, frac through coil, drilling, and logging. Products can be certified for areas that require Zone 2, ATEX, NORSOK, and CE compliance.

Coiled Tubing Units
We offer land, offshore, trailerized and masted CTUs, injector heads, and reels and reel trailers. Both land and offshore units are configured in standard trailer, truck, skid-mounted, or masted versions and can be tailored to meet your specific project needs.

Extraordinary, World Class Training Options

Include Hands-on Classes

Our factory-authorized training professionals help ensure that your equipment continues to operate at optimal performance levels for the maximum return on your investment. Customizable training options include:

  • Operational Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Service Training
  • Troubleshooting

For training-related questions, please call the Training Center at (713) 803-0700 or (800) 967-2190, or click Get Trained to send us an email.